Raptor Rehab Center under development...
Target Opening:
Early 2019!

Please support our efforts!

Injured raptor? Call Owl Moon Raptor Center: 301-353-8947
Maryland Raptor Rescue. Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release. Research. Educate.

Our founders, Mark & Heather Jeweler, are currently MD DNR-licensed apprentice wildlife rehabilitators, apprenticing at Owl Moon Raptor Center in Boyds, MD

Right now, our primary focus is to complete our training, learn as much as we possibly can, obtain our MD DNR master wildlife rehabilitator permit, and then obtain our US FWS raptor permit. Only then will we be able to put our training into practice and put our passion to work in our own facility.

Meanwhile, there is so much work to do to ensure that when we are finally ready, our facility is ready as well. Additionally there are workshops, books, videos, etc. to help us learn and grow and be as well equipped as possible.

We are entirely supported by your tax-deductible donations, which will make it possible for our dream to become a reality, and for our facility to be a well-equipped, well-run, well-managed, and well-respected one.

We are working to establish and equip our facility; to design and develop state of the art software and systems to meet our needs; to design and build mews and flight cages.

In addition to your financial support, we seek the following equipment and donations from individuals, corporate sponsors, and other medical facilities: