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Growing up in Round Hill in rural Loudoun County, Virginia, population ~450, near the Blue Ridge mountains, Heather developed an appreciation and passion for wildlife and nature at an early age.

Her father was a research veterinarian; her mother was an artist, stay-at-home mother, active in D.A.R., and passed on her own appreciation of nature, as well as her green thumb, to Heather.

The youngest of 5 siblings (3 sisters and a brother), Heather was fond of horseback riding and fishing in her youth, spending every possible moment outdoors. A lover of all wildlife, birds have always held particular interest for her, but especially birds of prey. When she saw her first falconry demonstration around the age of 15, it furthered her desire to work with raptors, but various circumstances prevented her from truly pursuing her passion until recently.

She worked at the National Labor Relations Board as an editor from 1987 to 1998, leaving to raise her daughter, Sara. She returned to NLRB in 2010, where she now works as an administrative assistant.
She has done volunteer work at The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia and Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research.
Heather is going to be our principal rehabilitator, once she has completed her apprenticeship and obtained the necessary permits.

Mark grew up in Rockville, MD, a bustling technology center and growing city of over 40,000!

He discovered computers at the age of 9, and became quite singularly focused on them for much of his life, as a professional Software Engineer and many other related skills.
Though he would not be diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) until his 40's, he always knew he was different. Coupled with his very early diagnosis of ADHD (or "Hyperactivity" as it was then called), he had trouble making or keeping friends, and so kept mostly to himself.
At the age of 12, he also discovered that he had a congenital degenerative joint disease, which primarily affected his left knee, causing him to endure knee surgery approximately every 20 months thereafter. Because of this, he spent most of his time indoors, and in front of his computers.
After receiving a total knee replacement in 2001, much changed for Mark. He hiked Old Rag Mountain (his first real hike, ever), actually enjoyed climbing stairs, and started discovering that a world existed beyond his front door.
He was still a complete city boy, with no real knowledge of the animal kingdom whatsoever, a fear of snakes, a fascination when he encountered even the most mundane of wildlife, and having never really seen any raptors.
Mark is our President & CEO, the modern equivalent of "Executive Director." He has extensive business background, having been a serial entrepreneur beginning at the age of 12, when he started ASM Enterprises, his company for providing custom software development and computer consulting, which has existed since 1979. Since that time, he has created or been involved in the development of at least 10 different companies. He is responsible for the business, administration and management side of things, as well as apprenticing to become a rehabilitator himself. He will assist in the rehabilitation efforts while maintaining his full-time job with the federal government until his retirement.

Mark & Heather met in 2010, after Heather was 2 weeks into her new job at the same Agency Mark had worked for since 2008. They fell in love almost immediately, and were married in November 2011.

Their work together on the Severna Park Osprey stand & camera project planted the seed for interceding and making a positive difference in the lives of birds of prey.
Over the next year, as they contemplated how to further that effort, it became clear that they both shared this passion, and wanted to help in a hands-on, tangible way, allowing them to directly see the impact and benefit to the birds.
After locating Owl Moon Raptor Center, the only dedicated raptor rehab facility in Maryland, they began volunteering there, and were quickly impressed by the need, the level of care provided, the extraordinary knowledge, skill, and experience that Suzanne Shoemaker possessed, and how much she cared.
Given their proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, and seeing a local need for raptor care, they felt that the best way to put their passion and interest into action would be for them to pursue becoming licensed raptor rehabilitators and to open a dedicated raptor center in the Severna Park, MD area.