Raptor Rehab Center under development...
Target Opening:
Early 2019!

Please support our efforts!

Injured raptor? Call Owl Moon Raptor Center: 301-353-8947
Maryland Raptor Rescue. Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release. Research. Educate.
  1. To rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, sick, and orphaned birds of prey.
  2. To employ and develop best practices, compassionate care, and humane treatment.
  3. To increase the public's awareness, appreciation, and understanding of birds of prey and their environment.
  4. To return our patients to their native and natural environment.
  5. To further the field of raptor rehabilitation, supporting and collaborating with fellow rehabilitators and medical practitioners.

An efficient, clean, well equipped, and hospitable facility, which is well supported by our community, with a vibrant staff of volunteers who passionately share our mission.